White EEs for Sale!

One y/o laying EE hen

The Fall sorting has begun! Right now, I have one (possibly two) laying white hens for sale, and about 16 or so white youngsters. The hen was sold to me as an Ameraucana, but she is not producing true to type and I’m selling them all as EEs. The laying hen is about 1 year old and is $20. The other 16 youngsters are sold $8/ea straight run. There are some that are fairly obvious cockerels, but I won’t guarantee anything on these solid color birds until they either crow or start laying. The youngsters were all hatched from 4/13-5/25 (I hatch on Mondays).
Pickup only in Aiken, SC. Please email me at samouw@gmail.com

One y/o laying EE hen

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