Home Sweet Home

By May ’12, we had found and purchased 2.5 acres in Aiken county, but we were still living in our 40′ coach in Rose Chase RV – where the ongoing drama continued. The search for the perfect home to sit on that property was about to begin. I had only once lived in a mobile home and then only for a few months. It was right after I came out of the Army and was staying with friends in southern Louisiana. Every time the wind blew, that trailer rocked like a 20′ boat in 30′ waves and would heat up like a tin can on a stove during the summer. You could poke a finger through the walls with about as much effort as slicing through warm butter and the interior doors felt about as substantial as the flap on a business envelope. I didn’t like it.

However the 6-9 month wait to build a conventional, stick-built home was unacceptable, too.  For peace of mind, we had to get out of Rose Chase RV and, as far as I was concerned, it couldn’t be too soon. So we started searching manufactured housing, which I thought was just a new “pc” name for trailers. Like “maintenance engineer” for janitor. Same job, different title.

Love the fireplace!

After stepping into the first new manufactured home, I learned there was a reason they don’t call them trailers anymore. The construction resembles, and in some way improves upon, stick built construction. The doors and windows are standard home construction, as are the roofing and siding. I was impressed. But there was still a waiting time – 3-4 months from the time you settled on a model to the time it was delivered to your lot. Barry tells me I must have a lot of patience, because I so rarely ever use any of  it and I thought this was not the time to try to exercise it. I wanted a home on that property and I wanted it right then!

It took some time and a lot of walking around lots, but we found the perfect home. It was four years old, but had never been lived in. The original manufactuer’s warranty and instruction paperwork was still sitting inside the dishwasher in the kitchen. I knew this was the place when I first walked through the door. The master bath and double walk-in closets in the master suite further convinced me.

There was still some waiting – waiting to get all the permits done, waiting for the lot to be cleared and leveled, waiting for the house to be delivered and set up. But that was okay; we had the property, we had the house, I could exercise a little of that patience.


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