Help! I’m being over run with chicks!

1 day old

Well, not really. :)

When I ran the numbers to estimate the number of chicks I would hatch out this season, I estimated between a 50-60% hatch rate – this was based on what I have gotten in previous years using those styrofoam incubators.

Now that I have a cabinet style GQF, that hatch rate has soared! Even with a storm that moved through last week and knocked power out for a couple of hours, I still hatched out 25 of 27 eggs that went into lockdown!

So, now we add 10 more wheaten/blue wheaten, 5 more white, and 10 more F1 and F2 gen OE/EE!

Wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana, white Ameraucana, and F1 and F2 generation OE/EE. Look at those fluffy cheeks!

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