For Sale

Nice, young blue wheaten cockerel. Hatched between 5-11 to 5-25/15. 
Younger grow-out pen


Available – Black Cockerel, hatched mid-April, $30 – Sold

8/11/16 – This is a young, nice black cockerel, #76Y (from breeding pen #3), pick-up only as it is too hot to ship.  This is cross-posted.

Black Ameraucana cockerel


Available – Blue Wheaten Pullet, 62R, $30 – SOLD

8/11/16 – Please note – this pullet was hatched out of a hen, since sold as a backyard layer, that was laying off colored eggs.  She has not started laying yet, and if it weren’t for my surgery coming up, I’d just hold on to her to see what she lays.  That is what I’ll do if she doesn’t sell.  She was hatched mid-April out of pen #1.

Available – Wheaten Cockbird, 1 y/o, $50 + shipping – SOLD

#19b Wheaten Cockbird
from Paul Smith
Hatched 4/16/15

2017 Spring Sales Reservations

I will start taking reservations for 2017 spring chicks/eggs in late Nov/early December once I have my breeding pens set up.

58 Comments  to  For Sale

  1. jose a. landrau says:

    Im very interest in pullets or straight run chicks of wheaten ameraucana. This is my address: P.O.Box 194031,San Juan Puerto Rico, 00919. Thank you!

    • sandcastles says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t ship out of the country and I won’t ship to a PO box.
      Thank you for your interest.

  2. Ajani Eagledove says:

    i am looking for Blue wheaten Ameraucannas, i would like to know if you have any available

    • sandcastles says:

      I will have some B/B/S wheaten Ameraucana chicks available in a couple of weeks. The ice storm and loss of power for 4 days killed off everything that was in the incubator, so I’m starting over.

      • Ajani Eagledove says:

        i would like to know if you have any blue wheaten, chicks or hatching eggs available

        • sandcastles says:

          I don’t have anything available right now, but might next week. However, I can’t guarantee eggs will be blue wheaten since my breeding pens all have both blue wheaten and wheaten roosters and hens. So eggs from either pen could be either wheaten or blue wheaten. Chicks, when available, are sold straight run and you cannot tell whether they are wheaten or blue wheaten until they are much older.

  3. Laura peace says:

    Hello, I live in greenville, SC and am hoping to start with chickens with our family for the first time this spring. I would love to drive to pi ck up chicks rather than shipping to allow the children to pick them out. Also, as a Easter is s o late this year so therefore so is spring break.
    I would like to get them AFTER we get back from break … Very late,April 25th.

    You r welcome to call or reply here. Thanks for your time!


  4. Steve Todd says:

    Hi, Do you have any Wheaten/Blue Wheaten eggs for sale? Where are you located?

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Steve
      I do have eggs available right now. I am in Aiken, just off I-20 at the Wire Road exit (exit 29). I sell wheaten/blue wheaten eggs for $35/dozen plus shipping.


      • Steve Todd says:

        Hi Susan, Could you email me a picture of your eggs and birds? I ordered eggs last year from Pa. and Georgia. The birds are beautiful but half of them lay a VERY light blue egg and half lay a white egg. I am trying to improve my egg color. Thanks

        • sandcastles says:

          Hi Steve,
          If you look at the banner on the top half of the page, the first pic is one of my Ameraucana eggs. I will post another pic later today for you to see. I have a few hens that still lay a light color egg, but my foundation rooster, Hawkeye, does a great job of improving color in the first generation.
          You can see pics of Hawkeye and some of my hens on my Ameraucana page here. I’ll see about posting a few more today or tomorrow.

        • sandcastles says:

          Check out the pics taken today here:

  5. Tammy says:

    I found you through the Ameracanus Breeders site. I live not too far away from Aiken, on the Georgia/South Carolina line. I am looking for the true Ameracanus to lay blue eggs. All I can find are easter eggers or labeled Ameracanus/easter eggers. I’m wondering if you would have chicks available if not now sometime in the next few months. If you can email me If you do I’d greatly apreciate it.


    • sandcastles says:


      Actually, I do have about 6 chicks available right now. They are one week old and are $8/ea straight run. You can email me at if you are interested in these chicks. You will have to come pick them up, though – I don’t ship chicks. :)


  6. Tina says:

    Hi Susan:

    Wanted to let you know that I got Mayflower and Journey home with no issues. They are set up in their new home, have found their food and water, checked out their runs, and have met all three of the dogs.

    All is well and I am so glad to have the hens as new members of our family. Thanking you for the time you took with me this morning and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

  7. Tina Pilgrim says:

    Hi Susan:

    I received my first egg today from either Mayflower or Journey. Not sure which one was the girl to make my day. Thank you so much for allowing me to purchase my girls from your farm. They are both doing well and I am so happy to have them as part of my family. Loving the idea of finding more and more eggs.

    • sandcastles says:

      Wonderful!! Let’s see pics of those eggs. Those girls are just 6 months old – that’s a nice young start to their productive careers!

  8. Scotty Yawn says:

    Was wondering when you will have Ameraucana chicks? Do you guys ship chicks if so what is the typical cost?

    • sandcastles says:

      My hens have just started laying again after their winter break. I should have eggs available in a couple of weeks and chicks available around the first of March. I will ship eggs for hatching, but will not ship chicks.

      Thank you

  9. Cathy Johnson says:

    I would like to buy some Wheaten eggs for hatching. Do you have any available at this time? What would it cost to ship to Purcellville, VA 20132?

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Cathy

      I’m sorry for replying to this so late. It has been a crazy month. I don’t have any eggs right now, but might have some in a few weeks. Shipping usually runs about $15-17 for a dozen.


  10. Dee Fowler says:

    Interested in Ameracauna chicks, do you have any available? We can pick up.

  11. Laura Andersen says:

    Hello, I’m interested in blue wheaten/ wheaten Ameraucana hatching eggs. Do you have any available? Thanks!

  12. Stephanie Dabbs says:

    We’re local to Aiken, and have been raising chickens for a couple of years. Would love a couple Ameraucanas to add to our flock. Do you have chicks available? Or will you soon? Thanks!

  13. R T says:

    do U have any 3-5 week old chicks and if so what kind. Thanks

  14. Misty Hammond says:

    I am interested in wheaten am but looking at having a mixed backyard flock. Do you ship to hawaii?

    • sandcastles says:

      No, I’m sorry. With the change in the law, I won’t be able to ship until I get my NPIP certification. I will be getting that this summer, when my current chicks are a little older.

  15. Peggy Bedford says:

    I am looking for a couple of olive egger chicks for my sons birthday. He has some of the other types already ordered and is very interested in the olive ones. Do you have any of this type available? I live in Blacksburg, SC and could drive there to pick them up. Thank you

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Peggy

      I don’t know why I am just now seeing this. I hope it’s not too late for your son’s birthday, or if it is, that you found some lovely chicks for him. If you’re still looking, let me know. I have lots of OE chicks available.


  16. John says:

    Do you have any started ameraucana pullets for sale around 9 weeks of age? I would like to add in to my backyard flock.

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi John

      All of my older pullets have been sold. They don’t usually stay around here to 9 weeks unless I’ve already decided to keep them and grow them out as potential show or breeding stock.
      Check back with in a couple of weeks, I should have a few pullets for sale at that point. But they will be around 6 weeks.


  17. Bea Parr says:

    I am very interested in pullets (2-4 months old if possible) of your Ameraucanas and your Olive Eggers. If you have some very dark egg layer Marans, I would be interested in those as well. I am within easy driving distance from Aiken and would be happy to come get them myself. I have 6 beautiful girls, glossy, healthy and free range. I have room to add a few more and am looking for good quality hens for high quality colored eggs.

    Your birds are beautiful! And would be a very welcome addition to my small flock.

    Many thanks,
    Bea :)

    • sandcastles says:

      Thank you, Bea!

      Most of my older pullets have all been sold or will be kept here longer to determine whether they will be going into breeder pens for next year. I do have some younger chicks coming up, but they are too young to sex yet. If you can wait another couple of weeks, I’m sure I’ll have some pretty pullets for you.


  18. Starr Johnso says:

    Do you have any young turkeys for raising?

  19. Lisa says:

    Hi. I have been looking everywhere for baby chicks… We are wanting to start a little chicken flock and was wanting to know if you had any chicks for sale?

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Lisa

      Where are you located and what are you looking for? I have lots of adorable little Easter Egger and Olive Egger chicks for sale. They are $4/ea straight run, up to about 4-5 weeks. Once they are old enough to determine gender, they are $8 for pullets and $6 for cockerels.


  20. Amanda Knight says:

    I am looking for chicks or hatching eggs. I live in Easley sc. So I would probably drive and if possible I can come next weekend if you have anything avaliable.

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Amanda

      Sorry it took so long to respond, I am just now seeing this message. I will have a few more hatches of black Ameraucanas available in early May, but I’m booked up on wheatens and blue wheatens. What were you looking for?


  21. süleyman yağız says:

    Hello there. I want to buy chicken breed until amerauc . We order the turkey . Could you send abroad ?

  22. Emily says:

    Interested in blue and blue wheaten Amaraucanas. Any available?

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Emily
      Don’t know why I’m just seeing this…
      I won’t have any wheaten or blue wheaten pullets available until next spring. I might have a few cockerels for sale later – around Sept/Oct timeframe.


  23. Stephen linen says:

    I am looking for about 4 20 weeks old Rhode island red hen.
    I live in Georgetown,sc 29440

  24. Lisa Helms says:

    I would be interested in a black cockerel or a pair :)

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Lisa

      I haven’t started going through my black pullets yet, but will over the next week. I might be able to put together a nice trio, if you’re interested. Just email me at do know I can’t ship these right now? It is just too hot for shipping.

  25. Seyfi aydin says:

    Hello dear
    I am from turkey
    I am wanted ameraucanas hatching eggs.
    You selling? Blue, black, wheaten …

  26. william says:

    can you call me i’m very interested , thanks

  27. william tinney says:

    would like to purchase 6 of your laying hens

  28. Betty DUCKWORTH says:

    I want several easter Eggers pullets.

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Betty. I don’t have Easter Eggers at all any more – haven’t for several years. I don’t have any pullets at all available now.


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