End of hatching season

Wheaten/blue wheaten and Black Ameraucana eggs

I’ll be setting two more hatches – one this coming Monday, and one the following Monday. I have a few blacks that are available, but wheatens and blue wheatens are sold out for this season.

I will have a few started birds available in late summer/early Fall, as I choose which birds stay for the Fall Show season and next spring’s breeding season.

Wheaten/blue wheaten and Black Ameraucana eggs

4 Comments  to  End of hatching season

  1. S Wayne Goodyear says:

    What do you have available now? Do you do fall hatches?


    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Wayne

      I sent an email. You can see what I have available on the For Sale page. I don’t do fall hatches. :)


  2. Andrea says:


    I see you don’t do fall hatches but do you sell hatching eggs in the fall? On one of your pages it said all hatching eggs were sold out for spring but I was curious what you do with the eggs in the fall if you don’t do hatches. Thanks!

    • sandcastles says:


      My breeding pens are not set up for breeding in the Fall. The pens are mostly divided by cockerels and pullets, with the breeding age stock also separated. This gives the hens that have been in the breeding pens in the spring a chance to recover, and to molt in fresh feathering. It also gives the older cock birds a change to get away from the layer feed they get in the breeding pens, so they can catch up on their own nutritional needs.

      We eat the eggs in the summer and fall since they are not fertile.

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