Blue wheaten Ameraucana, Miss Gloria, proves she will Survive!

Miss Gloria's first egg
(blue wheaten Ameraucana)

Last month, a neighbor’s dog tore through 3 of my pens, killing 8 chickens and wounding 3 more. Two of the young pullets that he got were the only two “keeper” daughters of Hawkeye from last year’s hatch – one died and the other spent a couple of weeks in chick icu. She was a survivor, though. In spite of all her injuries and the trauma, she pulled through and today, she presented me with her first egg! That’s why I named her Gloria Gaynor, of “I will Survive” fame. :)

Miss Gloria’s first egg
(blue wheaten Ameraucana)

2 Comments  to  Blue wheaten Ameraucana, Miss Gloria, proves she will Survive!

  1. Sonya says:

    Do you offer trio’s. Hens and unrelated Roo

    • sandcastles says:

      It is very rare that I will have a trio available for sale. By the time my stock gets to point of lay, I’ve already culled the ones I don’t want for breeding and the ones that are left are not available for sale. However, I do have two hens in my main breeding pen that are not what I want in my breeding program. They are decent hens and lay beautiful blue eggs, but have some additional black in their hackles that I do not want to keep producing. I also have one wheaten cockerel out of this year’s hatch that has some white in his hackles that I do not like. I would sell all three for $100, if you are interested. If you are interested, contact me via email at and I will be happy to send you pics of these three birds.

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