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There are two black x black breeding pens in 2017, pens #1 and #3. One of the pens will be a repeat breeding of my CH Large Fowl, 2015 District Champion, “Max”, over several hens. This was such a successful pairing in 2016, I wanted to repeat it. The other will have my latest Champion Ameraucana, “Sonny”, over several beautiful black hens. The Wheatens and blue wheatens will be occupying two more breeding pens, #2 and #5. Pen #2 will have a wheaten cockerel, bred by Peggy Taylor, over two blue wheaten hens and one wheaten hen. Pen #5 will have one of my own wheaten cockerels who just took Reserve Best of Breed at NEGAPFA first time out, over two blue wheaten hens. New for 2017, there will be one blue  x blue breeding pen, with a beautiful blue cockerel from Clif Redden and three beautiful blue pullets hatched from eggs purchased from Sharon Yorks. 

Pen #1:

2015 SE District Champion Ameraucana
CH Large Fowl, Res. CH Large Fowl, Multi-CH AOSB

“Max” and his ladies

Pen #2

Wheaten Cockerel
bred by Peggy Taylor

Two of his three hens – one was busy in the nest box.

Pen #3

2016 SE District Champion Ameraucana

Sonny’s ladies

Pen #4

“Mr. Bojangles”
Blue cockerel, bred by Clif Redden

Bo’s ladies

Pen #5

Wheaten Cockerel
2X Best of Breed and Reserve CH AOSB
first time out, NEGAPFA, 1/21/17

Two blue wheatens in pen #5


Some pictures from my Ameraucanas breeding pens for 2016:

Pen #1:

Blue Wheaten Hen

Wheaten Cock

Pen #2:

Wheaten Cock #15y

#70b Blue Wheaten P 10-19-15

Pen #3:

Black Cock #71r Black Hen #70r

Pen #4:

#75r 12-11-15


Black Hen 18b

14 Comments  to  Breeding Pens

  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Hi there! Where in Aiken are you? Do you only breed Americaunas, and what co,Orson do they come inz.

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Lisa, I am in NE Aiken. Yes, I only raise Ameraucanas and have black, blue, wheaten, and blue wheaten. Ameraucanas are APA/ABA accepted in eight colors: black, blue, blue wheaten, brown red, buff, silver, wheaten, and white, though there are quite a few other “project” colors that are being bred by others. The Ameraucana Breeders Club ( has a lot of information about that breed, as well as pictures of all of the accepted varieties, as well as some of the project colors.

  2. Emily says:

    Hi! Wondering if you would have any Blue Wheaten chicks avalible. Would love to have some pullets.

    • sandcastles says:

      I don’t have anything available for sale, right now, but might have a few available later in the summer or early Fall. That is when I start to sort out which birds are staying for breeding/showing and which ones are “extras”.

  3. Patti Norris says:


    I am looking for hatching eggs. I can pick up from your farm. Will you have any available in the next month or two?

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Patti

      I sent you an email :) I only hatch from about mid-Feb to late May. Reservations for spring hatches/eggs will be open in mid-late November.

      Thank you


  4. Kaye Elliott says:

    Please add us to your waiting list.

  5. barbara says:

    I see you have Ameraucana.
    I like to find out if you have Ameraucana bantams.
    I am really just at the last point of looking. And getting so depress over my lost and not be able to find replacement.My Ameraucana came from Jerry Segler about 7 years ago. And I had the blue ,black slpashs. Before a dog kill all but 4 . Now this is a breed I wanted for life. And I was under the impression I would have for live.cause Jerry send me a good gene pool.but I did not count on a dog coming over a 6 foot fence and killing them in 5 mins. I have try so many place. And I have been offer EE mixs that don’t even look like Ameraucana. I been told to mix them with other bantams. I been rid off cause of my wantting to try to keep them pure. I been brush off by breeders .
    Now Jerry saids he’s working on a new line. And be a flew years before he have tyre Ameraucana bantam to sale me some eggs. I don’t think I can hold out much longer. For a breed that I dearly love and have ever right to own.i don’t show and have no desire to.i am not npip.and I never sold my birds or there eggs. So I can’t even look back for replacement that way.
    Do you have any that you sale eggs from. I only want the black blue slpashs

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Barbara. I’m so sorry for your loss! I don’t have bantams, but there are several breeders who have nice Ameraucana bantams – Jean Ribbeck, Don Cash, Ernie Haire (I believe he has blacks) name a few. You can find more at the breeders directory.

      Good luck in your search.

  6. Angie says:

    Hi Susan, We met at a poultry show in GA (can’t remember town) this past January. Do you have any Wheatens available?

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Angie – I think that was in Jefferson, GA at the NE Georgia Poultry show. :)

      I’m sorry to say I don’t have any wheatens available at this time, but I might have a few extras at the end of the hatching season. Check back here or in the Real Ameraucana Marketplace group in Facebook, as any extras will be posted there.


  7. Staci says:

    Hi, Susan!
    Do you happen to have any wheaten/blue wheaten eggs for sale? I have a blue wheaten rooster and a wheaten hen, and I would like to start a breeding program but I need a little bit more diversity. Your birds are gorgeous and I’d like to hatch some eggs since you don’t ship chicks. :)

    Staci, Vancouver, WA

    • sandcastles says:

      Hi Staci

      I no longer have wheaten/blue wheaten. I decided to focus on my blue, black, and pending the petition to APA for acceptance, splash lines of Ameraucana. I will be hatching out a very limited number of black Ameraucana chicks this fall.

      Thanks, Susan

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