"Samuel", son of Max, Res CH LF at the Ten Governors Classic, 3/24/18

“Samuel”, son of Max, Res CH LF at the Ten Governors Classic, 3/24/18

Reservations for the 2020 Spring Hatching Season is now open! Sand Castles Farm is now accepting reservations for Spring 2020 chicks and hatching eggs. Reservations will be available for chicks or eggs from my black x black pens, for black chicks and from my blue x blue pens, for blue, black, and/or splash chicks. Chicks will be $10/ea straight run and eggs are $4/ea. Minimum order for chicks to be shipped is 10 and maximum per order is 20. Minimum order for eggs is 12 and maximum is 24. Orders above the maximums constitute two orders and will be shipped separately and charged two shipping charges. All reserved chicks will be shipped in Spring 2020, following the completion of 3 test hatches. Orders are shipped in the order of payment – first orders in are the first orders out. I will communicate regularly with everyone that has placed a reservation regularly once hatching season begins. My first hatch is usually mid-late February and last hatch in early-mid May.

There are limited numbers available for both chicks and hatching eggs, so make your reservations early. Once reservations are closed, there will be no more until 2021. I will stop hatching and the breeding pens will be separated once all reservations have been fulfilled.

Reservations will be closed on 12/15/19.

Day old blue chicks
from black x splash breeding

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