61O P66670 K 8-22-16

Black Ameraucana, breeding pairs, Available!

8-24-16 – I have multiple pairs of black cockerels and pullets from this spring’s hatch available, for pick up only. NPIP/AI clean, but no shipping available for these birds.

These are not culls – these are extras that I need to move out before my surgery. All of these birds came from one of two breeding pens – both of which have a Clif Redden cockbird over one Clif Redden hen and two Paul Smith hens. The only reason I am selling these birds now, and at this price, is because of my upcoming surgery, so my husband won’t have so much to deal with while I’m recovering. This is a short term offer. Any remaining birds after my surgery will be grown out and will then be sold as potential show/breeding stock.

If anyone saw my blacks at the shows last year – these birds are out of those – including my CH Large Fowl, 2015 SE District Champion.

This is first come, first serve, no holds and must be picked up before 9/4.
Pairs are $50, no single pullets will be sold.

Pictures of the breeding pens may be seen here:
breeding pens #3 and #4.

Some of the birds available are pictured below, but this is not intended to be a complete picture gallery of all available.

A few of my “keeper” birds from this year’s Spring hatch:

71O P66668
Black Cockerel
Hatched 3/21/16

Blue Wheaten Cockerel

Wheaten and Blue Wheaten


Fall Sales have begun.  Please check our Sales page for what’s available!

I am a proud member of the Ameraucana Breeders Club, as well as the American Poultry Association.

Hope to see you at some shows!

American Poultry Association

American Poultry Association

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Ameraucana Breeders Club