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Sand Castles Farm is now NPIP and AI certified in South Carolina! I will post our farm number as soon as it is received.!
It all started because we wanted a few chickens for fresh eggs. Okay, I wanted a few chickens for fresh eggs.  But how do you have a few chickens when you live in a 40′ RV coach?  Well, we did it and, while we’re not in that coach any more, it certainly was an adventure!  From those first few chickens, we have added (and then subtracted) turkeys, ducks, and rabbits.

Like so many, we started with hatchery bred Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks chickens.  Then I saw an Ameraucana and fell in love! I have decided to focus on just the Ameraucanas and now have: wheaten, blue wheaten and splash wheaten Ameraucanas , Black Ameraucanas, and White Ameraucanas.  Along with a nice group of wheaten, blue wheaten, and black chicks from Paul Smith, I’ve just added a trio of white Ameraucanas and I have a beautiful trio of blacks coming from Clif Redden at Showinbirds.com.

Our first hatch of this season, on March 9,  brought us three little wheaten/blue wheaten chicks and we have more eggs in the incubator. Since that first hatch, we’ve probably hatched out about 200 more little chicks to choose from when we get ready to start our selection process for the Fall Poultry Shows in 2015.

I am a proud member of the Ameraucana Breeders Club, as well as the American Poultry Association. Sandcastle Farms will be getting our NPIP certification later this summer, when these chicks are a little older.

Hope to see you at some shows!

American Poultry Association

American Poultry Association

Proud Member


Ameraucana Breeders Club