Egg BasketIt all started because we wanted a few chickens for fresh eggs. Okay, I wanted a few chickens for fresh eggs.  But how do you have a few chickens when you live in a 40′ RV coach?  Take a look at some of the following pages and learn how we did it.  It has certainly been an adventure.

From those first few chickens, we have added turkeys, ducks, and rabbits.  Thankfully, we’re not in that coach any more.

Like so many, we started with hatchery bred Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks chickens.  Then I saw an Ameraucana and fell in love!  I now have wheaten and blue wheaten Ameraucanas, a breeding trio of Light Brahmas, a breeding trio of (too cute) bantam buff cochin, a breeding pair of Coronation Sussex, a bunch of Easter Eggers, and various and sundry other chickens.

In our turkey pen, we have a beautiful double-breasted bronze hen with a heritage Slate blue gobbler. The duck pen currently houses one Pekin hen and one Pekin drake and we’re hoping to add many little Pekins this spring.

In fact, we hope to add a lot of everything this spring!  We’ve got eggs in the incubator, bantam buff cochin chicks in the brooder and more on the way, both of our rabbits have had litters of 8 each and our doe Nigerian Dwarf just presented us with triplets on 4-11-13!

So come along with us and learn with us while we travel this exciting road to self-sufficiency.